Sunday, April 25, 2010

Links to Some Free ESL Resources

I began generating this list back in 2010 using a list provided at the CATESOL Conference that year. Since then, I've been continually adding to it:

A 4 ESL: lots of online grammar & vocabulary quizzes (includes bilingual quizzes)

AENET Citizenship: numerous online quizzes (citizenship)

Andrea Jesse's ESL Lessons: PowerPoint lessons featuring collocations, pronunciation, tricky grammar, etc.

Andrea's Favorite Songs: videos of songs with lyrics (written words) for listening

Anthony Halderman ESL: lots of grammar practice via quizzes & video

AWL Sublists: innumerable academic words to learn (vocabulary)

Azar Grammar: printable worksheets created by teachers - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced >

UCB Tools for Teaching / Learning

BBC Learning English: words in the news, crosswords, quiznet, YouTube skits

Better English for Business: grammar practice with a business English emphasis

Boggles World: games, flashcards, articles, lesson plans, etc. - for all levels

Breaking News English: news stories with audio & learning activities (listening)

Business English Site: business vocabulary using pix (business)

Busy Teacher: Free Printables (once you sign up for free)

California Distance Learning Project: reading & listening with a focus on careers

Capital Community College Foundation: guide to grammar and writing

Classroom Clipart: tons of clip-art categorized for your convenience (clip-art)

Daily ESL: many reading passages with audio divided by subject (listening)

Delaware County Literacy Council: All areas of ESL + Math + GED Practice Tests

Designer Lessons: great lesson ideas using technology

Discovery Education Puzzle-Maker: make word puzzles (games to make)

DK Images: innumerable images to search by keyword (clip-art)

Do 2 Learn: images for flashcards of daily activities, etc. (clip-art)

Donna Price: game-like activities for ESL listening, speaking, reading & writing

DuoLIngo: learn any langugage

EAP Vocabulary: readings with AWL vocabulary followed by comprehension exercises

Educational Technology Clearinghouse: lots of beautifully drawn images; look up by subject (clip-art)

Education-Free: PowerPoint w/ audio programs demo basic English for kids, etc

EFL Net: vocabulary, grammar, phrasal verbs; listening & reading comprehension

EGO 4 U: grammar & sentence practice; also useful conversation phrases

EL Civics: U.S. government and history lessons (citizenship)

Ello: audio dialogs with transcripts that reflect real life (listening)

Emints: cooperative learning strategies & lessons

Englisch-Hilfen: grammar explanations & gap-fill exercises (from Germany)

English Club: thousands of searchable idioms, phrasal verbs, sayings & slang

English Corner: idioms, collocations, slang, proverbs, false cognates, etc

English Daily: slang, idioms, proverbs and dialogs

English Exercises Online: online exercises for all levels of English grammar

English Language World: listening, grammar & more for all levels

English Online: animated videos demo confusing grammar (from the UK)

English Page: a lot of grammar practice via gap-fill exercises

English Page - Prepositions & Phrasal Verbs: gap-fill exercises to practice

English Page - Verb Conjugations: learn verb tenses (including perfect tenses)

English Test: grammar & phrasal verbs explained, in context & tests

EngVid: videos that explain grammar points, etc. It's like a class lecture.

Ernie's Activity Page: fun in-class activities/games described (games for class)

ESL-Bits: extended audio & texts for intermediate & advanced levels of English

ESL Blues: tons of grammar quizzes & common errors explained

ESL Flow: lots of stuff incl. life skills, VESL, grammar & games (many in PDF form)

ESL Games World: fun interactive grammar games (games to play)

ESL Garden: over 100 ESL stories for students

ESL Gold: speaking/conversation & listening & writing, etc.

ESL Listening Dot Com: listening for English language learners

ESL Mania: materials for teachers & learners including business English and idioms

ESL Resource Center: tons of lesson plans for all areas of ESL teaching

ESL Tower: a lot of grammar practice; also idioms; unit lessons for beginners

ESL Video Dot Com: learn English via videos

Exam English: practice tests - TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge, ECCE, ECPE, PTE, etc.

FluentU English: interesting materials & ideas for students & teachers

Free Rice: match synonyms or identify a correct sentence and help feed the world

Guide to Online Schools: many links to online esl resources

Grammar Bytes: ADV grammar explained and (pdf) worksheets provided

Grammar CCC: phrasal verbs - separable vs. inspeparable, transitive vs. intransitive

Grammar Quizzes Dot Com: lots of grammar explained & practice exercises

Great Quotes: quotes divided by subject and author

Grow English: free videos demo grammar & vocabulary for beginners & int

Idiom Connection: listed alphabetically and by subject

Idiom Quest: search for idioms with key words

Infosquares: watch videos (movie trailers), then answer questions

Idioms 4 You: search for idioms alphabetically; definitions & context scenarios

Internet TESL Journal - Conversation: conversation questions by subject

Jeopardy Online: create your own Q&A to play in web/flash-equipped classroom

John & Sarah's EFL Pit-Stop: lessons for in-class games

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything :

KLEC: images from the Korean Language Education Clearinghouse (clip-art)

KQED ESL Financial Literacy: lesson plans and activities using new media tools

Lauri's ESL Website: readings w/ questions, listening, & more (lower levels)

LanguageGuide.Org - includes both images & audio

Learning Chocolate: vocabulary building with audio, matching, dictation, spelling (basic level)

Learn English Feel Good: listening comprehension & (pop culture) video

Make Beliefs Comix: make comic strips with cute characters & various emotions

Many Things - Listening: audio + text allows for listening & pronunciation

Netspeak: an online tool to look up word associations (collocations)

NewsELA: reading comprehension by subject - can change level!

News for You: read and listen

Nonstop English: many exercises; useful for assessment & practice for all levels

OTAN: Outreach and Technical Assistance Network for Adult Educators

Pearson/Longman Blog: a variety of exercises for different levels

ProProfs: free knowledge sharing tools & free online education

Purdue U TELL: images for foreign/second language instruction (clip-art)

Puzzle Maker: make crossword puzzles and word-finds on-line (games to make)

Queen Rania's YouTube Channel: videos to break down Arab & Muslim stereotypes

Quia - Irregular Past Tense Verbs: practice while playing Jeopardy-type game

Randall's ESL Lab: listening exercises, quizzes and many more follow-up activities

Real English: original video & lessons for students & teachers

Ritter Online English Assessment Test: 60 questions - easy to difficult

Scribendi: tips on how to improve your writing

Ship or Sheep: great listening practice with minimal pairs - distinguish sounds

Spelling City: generate word lists for lessons, games & puzzles (games to make)

Squidoo: reading resources divided by subject (reading)

Stickyball: pronunciation, grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, in-class game ideas

Study Zone Writing Tips: a step-by-step guide for writing great essays (ADV)

Teacher Tap: open source images for educators & students (clip-art)

Ted: NOT an ESL page, but lectures of interest to advanced students (listening)

Tools for Educators: tons of printables - games, cards, etc.

US Citizen Now: The 100 question and answers from the current test (citizenship)

USCIS: U.S. Citizen & immigration services; a government website (citizenship)

US Citizenship Podcast: questions in different languages, videos, listening

USA Learns: basic reading, writing, speaking & life skills via audio & pix

Using English: many printable worksheets; incl. grammar & phrasal verbs

VESL For Free: free download (pdf) materials dedicated to vocational ESL

VOA News: learn American English through reading & listening (ADV students)

Vocabulary Can Be Fun: truly fun online games - build your vocabulary (games)

Voxopop: discuss your interests with people worldwide (use your voice)

Welcome to the USA: useful information for recent immigrants

Word Play: tons of fun online vocabulary games (games to play)

Worksheet Works: create worksheets quickly and easily


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